Corporate Package


Entire process takes less than 24 hr. Same day service available.


Cost of a single corporation is $1799. Discounts available for multiple corporations. Other services, such as corporate name changes, changes to Board of Directors and other services available at a discounted rate.


Includes quarterly consultations, advanced trainings, and tax reminders

What You Get

>> Articles of Incorporation
>> Corporate Charter
>> Nevada Business License
>> Corporate EIN from IRS
>> Custom Corporate Kit
>> Resident Agent Service
>> Board Of Directors List
I come from a position of experience and empathy for the small business owner—been there, done that kind of thing. That’s not to say I’m not educated in business. I went to college on a business major with a minor in accounting but dropped out after my junior year to actually start my own business and apply what I’d been learning. I now have over 35 years of experience running various small businesses and can relate with my clients what it’s like in the trenches, so to speak. I truly see each client as a unique situation and attempt to get to know them on a more personal basis to better help them. No such thing as a cookie cutter corporation—with us you’re not a number or just a name in some database. I rather enjoy the challenge of solving the equation that each small business owner brings to me.
People with an entrepreneurial spirit who have the vision and courage to start their own business, but recognize that they don’t necessarily know the best way of going about it. There’s business, the goods or services you provide to your client, and then there is the business of business, the skill sets and knowledge of how to run a company so you maximize profits and minimize risk.
Hmm, that’s a great question. Nevada Integrated Solutions has so many tools and services for all businesses, currently incorporated or not, it’s hard to imagine a company we couldn’t help in one shape or form. But I guess the one assumption would be that the company is coachable, with a desire and willingness to improve. We have a saying in our company, you don’t know what you don’t know, so you have to humble enough to be teachable and operate out a place of integrity.
Nobody can know everything. I realized that way back in college. Just take a look at the tax laws who could know all the nooks and crannies of the entire tax code? In my case, I’d say 80-90% of what comes through the door I can provide the services for. As soon as I recognize a more complicated situation, I have a couple of CPA’s and also a couple of corporate attorneys I can either consult with or refer the client to just to make sure everything is legal and properly structured very important and a great question.
Wow, another great question. The easy answer though is that, like anything else, you get what you pay for. Let’s start with this, right away, the state of Nevada charges $500 for a state business license for a C or S corp. that’s well over $69 which doesn’t even cover the initial filing fees. If the price sounds too good to be true, there are some hidden charges coming your way, you can count on it. If you fail to pay the fees in the state in the allotted time, your corporation goes into a default standing and in about a year will be revoked completely. So, no way are you getting the whole picture for $69. On top of that, every corporation will need a corporate kit to keep your records organized and also obtain your stock certificates and corporate seal for validating documents. You can expect to pay anywhere from $70-$270 just for that. In short, you do get what you pay for and anyone trying to lure you in with that misleading of a number is off to a bad start in my book. I consider that as deceptive advertising and not a great way to start a relationship. In the long run, one way or another, it’s going to cost you way more than doing it right in the first place, simple as that.
For the most part, I suggest a phone call so we can determine what structure works best for a potential client. Once it’s decided to move ahead, it all happens pretty quickly. I can accept payment over the phone with a debit or credit card—I don’t recommend emailing or faxing those sensitive numbers in this day and age and prefer just processing that over the phone for security purposes. Once payment is made, it usually takes less than 2 hours to process the initial filing and email back the documents and they are the proud owners of their new corporation. The corporate kit can also be obtained rather quickly if the client is willing to provide their own binder. I can send a pdf file of all that is necessary and they can print it out themselves and I will instruct them how to assemble it from there. So, the initial process is done pretty quickly and then the training can begin.
This is one of the simplest tasks and usually need to be done just once and takes less than an hour. The first step is selecting a bank. If you are from another state, you will be limited in your choice of banks since, because you are a Nevada corporation, it is required you have a bank account in a bank that has branches in both Nevada and your resident state. This eliminates most credit unions since they are for the most part local firms. We find that Bank of America and Wells Fargo are the best to work with. Only three documents are required, except for personal ID’s such as a driver’s license and/or social security card. The three we provide are your Nevada issued Corporate Charter and you Article of Incorporation. The third document is a federal tax I D or Employer Identification Number (EIN) which we obtain for you. These documents can be emailed to the client and they simply print them out and take them to the bank and open an account. Occasionally the person processing the account at the bank will have additional questions and we make ourselves available by phone to help answer those questions. Also, it is not required you come to Nevada to obtain the account. Just go to the proper bank in your area and indicate that this is a Nevada corporation with a branch in another state. We also prefer that the mailing address is set up to go to the clients preferred address in their home state to minimize mail forwarding.
As addressed earlier, penetrating the corporate veil and disallowing the deductions and collapse of the corporation with severe penalties and interest on back taxes. Steep price to pay for a little paperwork. I might add here, do not co-mingle funds. That means, keep business and personal expenses separate. You don’t have to keep receipts for everything, though that is an added layer of protection. I prefer to use my corporate ATM card for all of my corporate expenses and that allows my bank statement to provide the paperwork and receipts necessary. That being said, do not use the ATM for cash withdrawals. Set up a payroll account for cash you want to use. Also, ask yourself why you need the cash in the first place. If you’re going to spend it anyhow, make it a business expense and write it off. You’re taxed on monies not things. Things can be deducted. If you ‘re not sure, call us and we will walk you through it
That’s another great question and an important one as well. Primarily the purpose of the quarterly review is to continue to familiarize the client with their corporate kit and required documents it’s important in the event of an audit that there is a paper trail that demonstrates the viability and reality that it is a true corporation and not an “alter ego” that an individual is hiding behind. The only way to penetrate the corporate veil in Nevada is due to fraud. Fraud can be shown if little or no corporate records can be provided. It’s actually a pretty simple thing to keep up with but “you don’t know what you don’t know” and ignorance of the law is not a viable excuse so we prefer to keep our clients educated on what sort of records are required.
Once again, if you don’t know what you don’t know, how are you going to find out? We prefer to educate clients on the principles of running a business, such as what are acceptable deductions, automobile expenses can be accounted for in a number of ways, and also, how does a corporation go about obtaining a line of credit and how can they set up a retirement program other than a 401k. One of the biggest lessons is making clear the difference between business and personal expenses and keeping a client from co-mingling funds which could open up the doorway to being accuse of fraud. Another important topic is the annual meeting of the Stockholders to elect the Board of Directors. Interestingly, in the majority of cases with our clients, these persons can be on in the same—meaning that the shareholder(s) elect themselves as the board of directors. If that seems a little redundant or perhaps ridiculous, well, here’s where it gets more interesting. The State of Nevada requires that that meeting be held once a year, and it can be held wherever the stockholders agree to hold it. It can be anywhere in the country or the world or on a cruise ship, wherever! The only ‘catch’ is that you only get to write off 3 days for it. Write off becoming the key words here. One of the more basic trainings is how you no longer take a vacation but structure almost all your travel into business trips. Now, if you’re an alert student, you soon realize that if you own multiple corporations, and they voted in a bazaar coincidence to line up consecutive 3 day meetings…just keep good records of the trips.
Absolutely, this is a recent addition to our services and is in fact a critical step towards the success of our clients businesses. The number one reason for businesses failing in the first few years is undercapitalization. As opposed to personal credit, corporate credit can be obtained but for much larger amounts, closer to $250,000 vs just a few thousand dollars. This used to take a couple of years to obtain, if not more, and by that time it may be too late. We can facilitate our clients in such a way to reduce that time frame down to 90-120 days and they can have available credit lines of over $200,000 without either factoring in their personal credit score or having to agree to personal guarantee the loan. As a layer of added protection, the service also includes a financial advisor to help the client properly strategize to grow their business not get a quarter million into bad debt. The first 90 days is critical in following the steps to reach the goal of developing corporate credit and most owners are so busy running their business that, though they could use the credit line, they lose out for lack of time, skill, or commitment and fail. To help address that, our affiliate will do that work for the client with minimal need for the clients involvement so that in just a few months, they qualify and are up and running. From there, it’s much easier to stay the course and then, in 2-3 years, rather than just getting going, the credit line will likely to have doubled or tripled and the business is thriving rather than teetering on failure.
A valid Nevada address is necessary just to apply and obtain a corporation so, out of state companies are going to need that. If they do not have any contacts to use in Nevada, the Resident Registered Agent can be used and that office can be used as the Nevada address of the corporation. As mail comes in, we forward it to the clients as a service to them. For the most part, we mainly receive correspondence from the bank so we prefer our clients to simply give the bank their mailing address and this minimizes much of the need for forwarding mail to them. We continue this service as long as we are the registered agent of record with them.
You do not have to live in Nevada to own a Nevada corp but if you don’t, you will have to have a resident registered agent that does. The primary function is as a contact source in the state in the event the corporation needs to be contacted for any legal reason. The registered agent is then responsible to pass on the information to the corporation. Kind of another level of privacy as well. Short of a court order, the registered agent is not required to reveal who owns the corporation, just pass on the information. It is an important function especially in the case of a hearing that an appearance is required. You wouldn’t want to lose a case to default just because you weren’t able to be contacted.

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