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About us

Our mission and passion is helping people accelerate their financial growth and security by using strategies available to all but frequently only known and used by large corporations. We educate our clients to the myriad of strategies, tools and techniques best for their individual situation. Financial growth and stability is only one side of the equation. After all, it's not how much you make that counts, it's how much you keep. All of our recommendations, include simple tax strategies that safeguard your nest egg from tax and other forms of liability including a little known tool known as "tax-free retirement." Call Nevada Integrated Solutions for your free evaluation and grab that competitive edge right from the start..

Every client is valued and appreciated for their unique set of challenges and financial objectives. That is why there is no cookie-cutter solutions here. We believe in educating our clients, giving them the "actionable intelligence" to be an active co-creator in their financial plan. Whether you are thinking of incorporating a business or searching for asset protection strategies – start here, with NVIS in-house team of business and finance experts.

How We Work

We believe in consulting and educating our clients first and foremost. Then we work with them to create and execute a financial plan that makes the best sense for them. The costs of individual services, insurance policies or specific investments will be fully itemized before we do anything on your behalf.

Do you charge for your consultation?
There is never a charge for meeting with you. From time to time, we may put on educational events which might include a small fee to cover class materials and other costs, but attendees will know that cost upfront before signing up.
Do you charge ongoing fees or penalties?
No. You will never lose a penny from your principle for managing your accounts. According to the Department of Labor, even 1% of fees/commissions over 35 years mean 40% less in retirement.
How do you keep up with all the options out there?
With the ever growing smorgasbord of financial, investment and insurance options, no one call know it all. That is why at Nevada Integrated Solutions, we have a team of specialists that keep up with the changes in their specialty. After identifying the facts of your specific circumstance, our team goes to work and find you the "best of breed" options to consider.

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